Not deterrent I am stepping …
Knitting all dream that is getting weaker
Harsh road that I traveled during this
Hot blazing sun never end

But one of my handheld
To reach all dream …
I will pursue that dream skies
This seemed tongue-tied …

Ya Allah … O my God.
I beg my prayers to be reality granted to pursue that dream until I succeed
There is only a dream tomorrow …
Sometimes in the day

Despite what lies ahead …
I believe the earth won’t silent …
For welcoming step my foot …
For reaching my Ideals

Million won his for stepping
A sea of sweat covering my
I never cared Won’t
I will achieve all the dreams

The earth is always spinning …
Science comes over me
Deliver about my future
Which it reached for my dream with my mightily

Every day I open the book
Kan ku absorb knowledge from books
Unconsciously I can all my new passion
To achieve my Ideals

O dream ,, Wait for me there …
I pick it up to you as well as real
Its just my taste
I’m sure God willing, the dream will come true