I don’t know, why I should thingking like that
Is about you and only you
I don’t know why I love you so much and miss you much

Every time I see you in my mind
Every night I see you in my dreams
I don’t know why I should thingking about you
Sometimes, I’m so doubt so I’ll never forget you for forever
Have more time I tried to do it
But I can’t (forget) do it
Although I have to try
I don’t know why, are you same like me??
Are you know, I always make our story to my poetry
Whenever I create my poetry, I cried…
Sometimes, I regret to meet you because I things to meet you is the happy moment.
And it make I’m so difficult to forget you and these moment

If I know all of will like that, I never want to know you more and more
The fact, I never wish for you to love me
I never thought that you must know about my mind.
But ever, I have mind so you thing like me.

Have you ever know, if I read my poetry I’ll be down
I smiling to remind these last time, sad moment, sweet moment, until the seriously moment
I miss the times and want to back to the last.