When I met you, my life changed
Don’t know when this feeling came
I got out of bed one morning
Shocked about this feeling

It’s not right to love you, I know
But I can’t force myself to forget you
You gave color to my life
Though I know the time is not right

I told myself to stay away from you
But I can’t teach my heart not to love you
This feeling I had for you keeps growing
A reason for me to be afraid of what this could bring

My mind always telling me to let you go
But my heart is always saying “I Love You”
This heart really rules my mind
And that is why I can’t stop this feeling inside

Asking God to help me to decide
Which one will I follow Heart or Mind?
God has purpose to what I feel
For He only knows about what is real

One thing in common between my heart and mind
Is that they’re both saying what is right
My mind is right and so with my heart
But one thing is for sure, You are a part of my Life.