Love will always legible
in the pages of the diary
you save deep inside
the deepest
beautifully engraved message
though not explicit
In your eyes
Love will always be heard
singing solemn
the twang melody rainfall
in the stillness of the night
in the depths of the oceans
in the rhythm of the waves ripple
although unspoken
In your heart
Love will always taste
in breeze
in sheets of green leaf
in the valleys hamlets
in the blue mountain peak
gentle mist-shrouded
buoyed chimera
even though you were not there
By me
Here, in this park
Far, far away in space and time unfolds
I saw the flowers sway
dancing synchronously in love
The fish in the pond chasing each other
play and courtship
And exuberant singing birds
shouted to each other
Making out in the branches
Full intimacy
Merged in beauty
Merged in beauty
And I
stunned alone
Trying to read the signs of nature
and understand the signs of love
you boxed sweetly
in the infinite silence