Two lost souls searching for each other separated by time and space.
Blood and tears streaming on the dry ground filling the pond of hope.
Forever I sail within my memory trying to remember your lovely face.
Death after death I went through to reborn and continue my pursuit.
Same soul inhabit dissimilar figures but the eye gaze will never change.
After decades of my current life of longing, this spirit is washing away.
Searching for someone I couldn’t remember, seeking my lost soul mate.

Longing for a lost true love I had it once in my arms in far distance time.
Hope to find you is my vitality to keep on going in the darkest despair.
Between the flame and ice I tried to embrace the last moments we had.
What’s left were only fragments of emotion, sentiment, longing and grief.
Maybe all this time you been here with me, living inside my heart and soul.
When I looked up to the dark night sky while lying on my sleepless nights..
I gazed at the twinkling stars, wishing one of them were you watching me.