This breeze.. blowing so warmly and serene
this breeze.. is just an ordinary breeze I knew
however.. this moment it felt like never before
suddenly every breathe I could take is a bless
everything seem beautiful and peacefully quiet.

So quiet along the warm breeze blowing softly
wiping my winsome face second after second
I wish it stay that way much longer for me to feel
as now I began to hear my own heart beating
slowly pumping my blood out from my wounds.

This seductive body is no longer able to move
and this lustrous eyes would no longer reflecting
slowly.. I gaze up to the sky for the last time
the colors never been this beautiful all my life
but the warm shine couldn’t ease the chill inside.

The light is gradually leaving.. followed by my life
slowly leaving my dying body as my warmth fades
I never wanted to leave alone but I have no regret
there’s no love or vengeance left for me to live on
my eyelids are closing.. never thought I find peace.