We ever figh so strict
The story what I feels I wanted to left
The walls that I want to build it again
I never want to destroy it anymore
I want to build it once again
Never I want to make it fall down again
Just forgive something what we used to

At the first gaze, we fight
We told about the stories that should be untold
I snap you and you snap me
And I just walk down the strairs and left you behind
I never think that you’re so kind
You’re so pretty when I realized

Your natural curly hair is so beautiful
Your gaze really sweet everytime I look at
The smile that I want to get
You always smeel good
Really I glad I know you
I don’t want to miss this time

I’m not arrogant, I’m not pretty at all
I’m not smart enough to tell you
I’m regred to snap you before
Just want to get closer to you right now
Don’t do something rude that we used to

We’re rude, rough as stone
Red as flame to blame
I never see something best in your eyes before
Sometimes I tease you like you’re a murder
Please forgive me
That something what we used to draw in our life paper.