When I tried to be the highest above the ladder
Then I starving, started to run
I always stumbled down to be nothing I gain
But whenever happens when I trying, crying to reach,
Even though that makes my weak
I still I don’t want to lose at all

Maybe you know the storm always come
But remember, after a hurricane
there will always a rainbow after that
Just try until you catch
Dont let it go away without you’ve attempted to it

Hurricane never makes you weak
Those voise inside yourself that always make you weak
But if you can beat the hurricane slowly
You’re the winner, the rainbow will come
When you’re responsible of what you’ve done
You can beat yourself
You’re wiser that before

Just beat your fears to go
When there’s left just five more step
You’re usually walk away fron it
You always afraid of what you’ve done
You just never plan it before
Be a brave woman
When the hurricane comes and greets

The strong and brave woman is not a woman that doesn’t afraid
She afraid of so many things, of course
But she can face that
And she can accept the fact
that the hurricane maybe greets her again someday
Yes, she really afraid
But she can face it, she never avoid it….