Just like you buy a society
In your lonely days
Like your parents dont want you to be judged
Seems like they just want our teachers to teach us
Never want us to study independently at home

Schools is the first place
What show us about what we have never seen before
First place to talk about formality
In the age of ten
The rule is always look like a book of international law stories
And the students organizer as a lawyer

School talks about formality while house never talk about
It often too boring but often so likeable
Like the first page of the paper
we draw it by ourselves at school
Is up to us want to make it
bad, good, experienced, ugly, miserable
We study about basic thing to life almost always at school

But those troubles often come
When you want to get so many thropies
You never got it
Because they should give other chance to others
No selection but election seems unfair
But we have to accept it
Just search your chance in your society
If school doesn’t have