I know that I’m not pretty at all
I’m not the best at all
But I keep attempting to be the best
No one can understand what I’ve done
I’ve tried to collect all those glass that I break

I know that I’m not as smart as you think
Because I know that I’m only a stain
In every spot I’ve messed up
I know that my heart is going to broken
Because for someone’s breaking
is my heart for
I just can attempt to be the person that I like

I hate when I saw my report book
I know that I never be so smart
All I do always to make stain
I must not be alarmed when in the future
I be the only one who is always single

I know that my future never as bright as I wanted
I know that everything that I hope
are all the thing that I will never hold
I don’t understand what happened to myself
So now I always get these calamities

I know that I must be patient at all
I know that I’m full of weaknesses
Try to be perfect at all
But the reality doesn’t say the same
I only can realized that
no one has got an ugly face as myself