I’ve tried to be brave
Have courage to said that I was wrong
It’s like I let my body without any clothes at first
Maybe it sounds like I kill myselft
It sounds too hard for me at the first time

Just said what happened
I told the truth, encourage my heart
To speak about that
Even though I know everyone will tease me
She will to run around me
But if I making mistakes
I always must have the courage to admit

Because if I making mistakes
And I never admit it, my fault is increased
Don’t you think anything too hard
You can see many peoples
In the law, when they can be able
To say the truth,
Those pains, those punishments will be reduced

And the most important is
You can be able to learn
From all your mistakes
add them as experiences to learn
From all your mistakes that you used to
If you’re honest, your heart will be calm
Because there’s nothing to be hide

You will not burdened with your guilt
That makes you won’t be able to sleep
Your heart will feel free,
You can learn from it
You can change the future
but you can’t change the past
Just keep learning on from those