I can remember how much
Much evil myself treat you
But I’m really regred to treat you rude
Because until now you still
be able to treat me very well
I never thought that way

Maybe your heart is too white
Your inner beauty makes you perfect
You always believe in yourself
You always give me some advices
To be a good, good girl

But now, I let you down
I’m regred to do like that
Really, I’m too evil so I break my words
If I had known before that I’ll break your heart,
I wouldn’t had to do
But now I just can regred
To let you down too far

I want to cry when I heard that you get disappointed
My heart is bleeding when you said that way
Feels like I’ve killed you twice
And you won’t forget it

But you keep sing these songs
Sing many beautiful songs with your beautiful voice
Give me advice all those best
For my future, for myself
Give me the good things that you could give

I’m sorry for those my anger before
Forgive me to let you down
Really I want to follow
every advices that you whisper it to me
I want to hear the songs again
I want to heal every cuts that I made before

Really, will you believe me
Who used to hate,
used to speak very rude
I want to show you that I can
Every step I take it should be in the best line
I’ll always remember that
Regret comes at the end
not at the first
So I ask myself, will I wach my step?
Really, I will!