If you see someone’s falling down
Don’t judge them
Just encourage them to keep stronger
Because the success man
Isn’t the man who never try
But they always try and try even though fail
Don’t take their spirit down
Just ask them to keep climbing on

Those storm in the night
They never disturb you
But you the only one who hanging eleven feet of the ground
And let yourself fell down in the hurricane
No one can let you fail
Keep climbing on

Maybe those night always dark obviously
Every years passed we’re going older
Every month, every year
Seem like forced us to let the lake drown us
Those reality are always cannot be avoided
Don’t waste our time
Star from now we should
Attempt to climb the highest
Even thought we know
That we’ll going to fall

Maybe we know now most of oceans
They break themselves by its storms
Rain doesn’t only once make a hurricane
Remember also those rainbow when you remember the storm
Keep pursuing everything that you wanted
Keep climbing on, don’t waiting to be late