Is there a lot of burden on your shoulders?
Does your heart pressured by your logical brain?
I feel something that control you so much
Something in your brain that makes your heart frozen

I don’t know what it takes to you
But I keep moving, keep trying
To like and love you
Whoever you are
You just don’t want to be close
You always keep a distance
But I know you’re a warm person
Who always trying to give the distance to everyone

I want to love you just because I know
I always feel happy to talk to you
Not because of too much burden
I need to love you, really
Even though you’re not so romantic
I need to like your personality to be with

I know what I’ve done to you
Remember how rough my head to you at first
But I’m regred because I do it to you
You’re never be appropriate to be treated that way
You’re adorable for me

Maybe you’re the only one
Who is difficult for me to talk to
The most strict person
Who I’ve seen,
But I want to make your heart melted
I want to be the person who
Is the only one who can stole your
I’ve tried to attempt…