A new life of state will be beginning sooner
A new hope has been rising in it
A predominant hope rises in this nation for our new leader
This nation will have a million of change in it

We have a new leader
Exactly, we have a new President in this state
President will predominate to lead as a bright future changer
Increasing people’s welfare this state

We hope Mr. President always thinks people’s fate
We hope Mr. President can cope this nation problem
We hope Mr. President can increasing peoples economy welfare
We hope Mr. President will not spawn political problem

We hope a new policies will be made wisely
We hope our leader has a marvelous savoir-faire
Our problem can solve wisely
The government and peoples can cooperate each others

Mr. President who simple and wise
Please, repairing this country
Don’t forget your promise
You are one of our hero in this country