Punctual love has come as sign
Heart pulsation has pummeled stronger
This is about love of myfuture design
I hope there will be changeover

You know that I’m of a bookish nature
Loving reading
Thinking future
Always praying and doing

There is a nudge from heart
Giving an useful thing for this life
Giving love for all of people from heart
God’s blessing for life

Of course, I love myself like I love myeducation
Like I love my country cultures
Like I love studying above all class lesson
Like I love my family and nation
And I would like to grab my successful future

I think It’s pundit love
Like what I’m doing for life
You have to understand about true love
This is not a blind love of life

Everything as you would expect
You can laugh everywhere
You can smile in order that others respect
Because love has been growing well everywhere