Why should all my walls
Painted by my tears
Cause no one can be stand
Near to a person who cold as you are
And if those ices be who we are
You will be the coldest one

I open all my photo albums
And no one was watching
I was crying and flasback until the snows gone
I said something because
I want to be the story that you made
I said hello and stand there
On the ground
And you never answer it
You’re the coldest

Could you greet me, friend?
Draw a smile on your face
But it will never come
Because we will never get along
Like those story that I made
Last year
I just think that we are same
But I am the worst
You’re the coldest thing in my life

You said that I should be putted away
Just like the coldest story that we made
Neglect me and you will walk away someday
Like an illusions that I can make it real
This is too cold place
And you left me there

No one can be cold like you are
These photos is the answer
You never care about me
You don’t want to see
the way I act in these spaces
I just see you will be colder
Colder and someday
you will gone

You are the coldest one
You’re the highest mountain
that I will never stand on the peak
Because you’re the coldest one
And you will never change
Although the day begin
in your life
You’re so cold
I never know