I have a favorite teacher
He is so perfectionist to me
I can feel that he compares me
Just see me is a lower
I know I am just a trash
He wants me to be perfect at everything

I always do everything
So I can be accepted to others
I feel that I am not a good person
I am not good

Throw me to your garbage
Look me like a rubbish
And he throws me into the garbage
I am not beautiful
Like the others
Her score 100 but mine just 92
I feel stupid
Just cheaper

Why always he compares me to Veren, Vanya, Chelsea, Lee and also the others? They are so beautiful queen
He hates me because I am ugly
I can read his mind and his gestures
That compares me
That I am dumb and stupid
He wants my score always
Hundred at everything
He will happy to see me more competitive

Veren, I know that you are more
You’re beautiful and smart
Felix, my score just 97
But yours is hundred
I know he compare
Comparisons is’nt a bad thing
For you