They said life is a party
When they are so beautiful
Then they dance on the dance floor
And the party started and
they make the party almost glows the music played so loudly
And now I really realize
I am not as good as them
I never born to be admired

I am not the life of the party
Passive but my heart inside try
I am just an social observer
I never really be there
But my heart always try
to beside your heart to reach
I never be a social people
And you know that
I prefer to standing here
On my safe side

They said I am weird
Because of my extrovertion is low
Not outgoing, not be too popular
And that’s the way I am
I like to stand on my safe side
So nobody hurts me again
I am a real antisocial
Because here is my safe side
Less risks, less pain
Alone is better than everything