If here is a time machine
Those walls, that yellow faded wall
There was three seats, one wood table and we was sitting there
The lamp, a messy desk on the corner
I remember about those days
My tears is falling drop by drop
As I remember every second
You looked into my rainy gaze

How I remember your gaze
But if those days can be repeated
If peoples who dead can be live again
If I can make those paper back to white again even though I have burned it
Realized that you will never back to those moments

I just ask, I cannot accept
I just shriek why
Ask about a thousand wonder
Those days cannot be repeated
I cannot do anything
Just worry about my future
Without you without you
I am too late when I look at you

If I can be all that you wanted
I knew my life will be longer
Because I miss the way
I miss you like I miss everything
And I know all is too late
All is too late
I cannot do anything to fix the past
I just can cry about you

The past is just everything
what cannot be fixed
Cannot be repeated but can
make us fall in regrets
I’m too late when I say I’m sorry
Too late to fix my life
The happiness is over
And my life is full of misery
Because you draw it to me

All you do is just sink me into
my own tears and you walk away
Every words you say
No one can erase my misery
And I just want you to sit here
But everything is too late
Too late to realize