Why this can be happening to me
When we’re changed into 180
So opposite but this is real
Who wants to be changed
If the reality seems better
Just no toil no changes
Now this really happening to us
We’re changed and seems like
Everyone has changed
But we will never change again
Like the promise started to begin
Now I just see this end
Of this world

Now we’re changed into 180°
No more smiles just pains
This film is end
Those chances will never back
Because 180° is how we changed
never again those lamps turned on
Because we never get along
Now we are so opposite
Changed into 180°

I am the saddest one
Because you take all my happiness
And now I’m hungry for joy
Maybe you really understand me
But you never know me
You just close your eyes
Don’t care about me
Now all you wanted is
Put my shadow away from your territory
But at the beginning all was
So bright and seems no dirt
But now we’re changed

Into 180° just we stay here
You’ll never walk you never go
This is the side of opposites
When I said yes
You said no and you walked away
never never
Because we have changed into

Just like how you break my heart