This is not how we should do
But this is about how should
we feel about someone who is in the sad ending of a day
We should feel
How if somebody who be our desire neglect us and
All of your friends support that person to be separated with us

And I know we will never get along untill I passed away
And I just need you
But they give the pains more
They make us be more separated
And never support myself

This is a small group that separated us formally
This is not by feeling but this is
All I forced to do
Because most of them has no heart for me
No one wants to be separated
And I know all my desires is beside you

most of my friend never support
You just hurt me and teased me
Is that proper if I still call you
as my friend
I think everyone that not support you and just burrying all of your desires
Is not your friend
Because soon they gonna find
burrying a lot of gold is
Same like you jump in front of
the fire then you closed your eyes

So forced I stand in this group
Formally but this is everything
That should be passed
Even though I feel forced
Pressured all the time
When I see your town
I cannot hold this feeling
Just say
I just forced forced and pressured
I have a friend in my group
She looks separated with you but she will never because
You respect her a lot
And never look at me
Because she is everything
And I forced to do this