My life is hopeless and useless
How can I leave a tree
That I always give it some fertilizer and water everyday
And hope the tree can grow
But now seems this life isn’t mine
Again when everyone
Try to hit my heart without look first what’s inside
And this is a quarrel
This season will never end in our lives

This is when I leave my reality
And now is the time
That I should sleep forever
And never open my eyes again
I will dreaming so beautiful
Because now I life in my illusions
These imaginations always
Play in my head
Now I am dreaming about
Those days that we passed

I’m neglected but I want to be something in these hours
In this life we are separated
No one wants to stop beating
And now my life is hopeless
No hoping anymore
And how could I life
Without any hopes
Cause now my soul is not breathing
How can I life without any heart beating
That is when you passed me
And you look me just like a carcass
You cannot see me again

Just think that you cannot
You cannot see me
Just deny like this is my story
And I believe that miracle
Will take place
Because I never life in the real
I always play in my imagination
Want to sleeping
Dreaming about those days
I believe all of my imaginations
Nobody understand well
What’s inside my heart

Remember about those days
Remember about everything