I look at these windows
The weather is not greet me well
All I see is just rain
I counted my footsteps
And I enjoy the cold
The rain is the answer
of every my experiences
The sky is dark grey everywhere
Trees and houses colder
And I wear my old sweater
That I used when I first saw you
So cold this weather tonight

I just remember about you
When every raindrops touch my skin
The rain is the answer of myself
At everything that I passed
Just make me realize
No one word can express
Because I remember you
Like a rain

When the snows was burrying
Me alone in this old house
I try to said your name
And looks like you answered it
But I realized those is all just dreams
When I try to open my eyes
And try to hit the snooze button
Hope I’m not dreaming
But I just remember you
Like a rain