Everyday I walk in front of her
See her smile in a warpath
Why shoud everyday I meet her?
When I see her score is upper
I just want to tear the test paper down
And burn it on fire
Burn it on fire
Like how you burn everything I have
You are the girl who
I don’t want to see her

Walk around, walking around her
Sit alone, scream alone
Thinking about the way she makes me so envy
I am crazy like a bitch
Lie down, shriek behind
When he said I’m crazy
I remember about her
Just envy, not jealous

Because she is the best
Now I must life without them all
She can get what I wanted
So beautiful make me envy
Everything that she have
Just make me so envy
Because I never jealous
Because they make me so envy

I hate the way she walks
I’m envy about her score
Her rank, her achievements
Everything about her