Born by the same mother
They used to grow up with the same economic situation
But black and white will always seem the opposite
The same tress, different branch
They study at different university
Always fighted, never get close each other

Like a black cat and a white cat in the little street
One is really quiet but the other one is really hyperbolic
But they’re seem same introverted
Sometimes they like a chalk and a cheese
But sometimes like a peas in a pod

Many years passed
These trees grow up really fast
They live in the same city
Still in the same office
but different conditions
Never in the same road they walk
One is walking with his family, happily
Still keep a distance but friendlier
The other one is lying with her best friend
She always keep a distance farther and farther
I think that she wants to be a lawyer there

She’s cannot be tamed
She’s really an old fashioned man
Really perfectionist
Once you made a mistake or tell a lie
Crazy you, you will make her disappointed
She’s often being so rude
For herself, her life and so many people around her

He is the opposite if we compared them
Never grow up, but still tidy
But still there’s a lion on her mouth
Even though how often he tells a joke
No one will approach him