When we were going
To the higher class
And I was going to the grade eight
We went to a place
Where was so sad
We wore our class uniform
And I feel like
Everything is now just my dreams
Because the lights isn’t in me
There wasn’t a beautiful places
There was just places
Where want to make me feel down
Too beautiful places
Just for knew that
You’ll never come again

I will not walk, I will not run
I just want stay here
Be stronger without you
Without anything without you
I’m standing alone here
I should be stronger
Without anything about you
And no one cares about myself
Just be stronger and standing
Upright and see the blue sky
Be stronger without you

I cannot run easily
Because my feet was so weak
And waiting for all those days
That cannot come again
But I wanna run
Be strong without those lights
Because I born to be hurted

I walked slowly
I putted very happy mask and I denied myselft
I try to lied to myself
That you’re there
But I realized this is not a dream
Where you can sit beside me
This is just the life
Where everyone should denying
And that is what I do without you
Like you’re beside me
I’m denying myself right now That make me stronger
Just stronger

Be stronger without you
Is like I cut my arms
And the blood drops
On the white floor