I hate to meet others word
I just wanna stay on the safe side
So I can cover myself up easily
I really enjoy my own world
Where nobody can see my mistakes

I have to cover myself up
don’t want to show myself
Wherever, whatever
I hate because
This world is too crowded
This is competitive
I am tired
I hate this competition

Now I stay on my lonely word
Without perfection it’s okay
Because nobody will see me again
If I can’t be perfect
I choose to life alone
Nobody can’t see
Who I am

I know that
How scared life without any healthy foods
Some fear will life inside
But I must choose
Between life without people
Or life too crowded
And you must to life perfectly

I don’t need lots of money
Lots of luxurious isn’t my needned
So I can live alone
Tease cannot greet me again
Nobody will see me
Without any fear
Nobody can see me again

I can life only without any statuses
No one high, no one low
Just me…
I will not bothered by other’s opinion
Because I live alone

Maybe I will help and face others
If I perfect enough to face that
Why should I meet them
If no one I need
For me no reasons to meet the weird crowd