Why everyone seems higher than me
Want to speak, but I can’t
When I talk to my friends
The world will shout that I’m different
I don’t have a close friends
I never have rights to be
Accepted who I am

I never have rights to do that
Because I know
I hate to suffer in an imperfection
Because I know
An imperfection is a bad thing
That cannot be accepted

I’m swimming, weeping
In a tube of imperfection
I know I’m never be the same
I always making mistakes
And I hate making mistakes
They always over criticizing me
I really hate to know
That they’re higher than me

I know that they throw me
And said that I’m not an important
Because only myself that
Know that I’m different
I hate being criticized
I hate making mistakes
But I really wanted to be
Accepted, but that will never
Will never be….