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You led me growing up
You taught me about a lot of things
You want me to be the best
You asked for prayers for me

Prayer shine me
Prayer led me
Prayer helped me
The best prayer for me

You’re like the air
Without you I’m not there
Smile so impressed
There is a meaning behind the smile

I am happy with you
Without you I am helpless
You are everything to me
You are the best for me.

My Dad’s Stories

My dad has an inspiring stories
My dad has an unforgetable stories
Sunday Morning on the terrace
My dad sits down and gets his coffee
And tells me stories

Little child
Working in the hot sun
And little child
Walking on the long street
And little child
Delivering a heap of newspaper door to door
Take himself hardly
In every steps of his foots
Take himself hardly
Under the hot sun that brighter and brighter
My dad’s stories
And the brown-faced child, listening
Realizes that my dad’s stories are true stories
He realizes that my dad’s stories are never lie
Out of any script at all
But that the stories come
Right now in front of his face

The brown-faced child is silent
In a Sunday Morning
Listening to My Dad’s Stories

Teenage Poems

My mother always told me
Never be unprepared
The worst could always happen
When you’re alone, frightened or scared

My father always told me
Fight for what you believe in
Because you are alive in your soul
You’re heart will keep on beaten’

My advice to you is simple
It’s something I’d like you to keep
It is to hold on
Life will through you a couple of curveballs
You just have to learn how to hit them back.

There are you Mom
In the cold of my night
There are you mom
In the heat of my day
There are you mom
Inside of my heart

You always cry with me
Then you wipe my tears
You always laugh with me
Then you knocked me

There are you mom, at every step of my feet
There are you mom at every my pray
There are you mom, at the end of my heart
There are you mom, in every my tears
There are you mom, in every my happiness

Because I cannot live without you

Mom, you are My Everything

You like my morning sun
You illuminated my life with your affection

You like my moon in the night
You lighten all the darkness in my life

You’re like my vast ocean
You hold all my complaints

You like my highest mountain
You give your shoulder to lean from my tired.

You like my northern wind
You freeze anger in my heart

You are my earth
You are the only one for me.

A Poem for Mom

Mom you have given me birth by risking your life
You have raised me with all your own sweat
You have given all your love to me
You took care of me with all your heart
And you also educate me with great affection.

Mom you taught me how to walk
You also taught me to how speak
Day and night you spend your time for me
Hot and cold you always fight for me.

Mom after all what you have done
I realize how valuable you are
You will always stay in my heart
Until death come to pick me up.

Thanks for your sacrifice
Thank you for your love
Thanks for your time
Thank you for everything
Although I know my thanks is not meant for you
It will not be able to replay your services.

Without You

Mom, without you, there would be no me.
Your love, your attention, your guidance,
have made me who I am.
Without you, I would be lost,

wandering aimlessly,
without direction or purpose.
You showed me the way
to serve, to accomplish, to persevere.

Without you, there would be an empty space
I could never fill, no matter how I tried.
Instead, because of you,
I have joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace.

Thank you, mom.
I have always loved you
and I always will.

Mom, I wish I had words to tell
How much you mean to me.
I am the person I am today,
Because you let me be.

Your unconditional love
Made me happy, strong, secure.
Your teaching and example
Made me confident, mature.

In all the world, there is no mother
Better than my own.
You’re the best and wisest person, Mom
I have ever known.

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