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Why everyone seems higher than me
Want to speak, but I can’t
When I talk to my friends
The world will shout that I’m different
I don’t have a close friends
I never have rights to be
Accepted who I am

I never have rights to do that
Because I know
I hate to suffer in an imperfection
Because I know
An imperfection is a bad thing
That cannot be accepted

I’m swimming, weeping
In a tube of imperfection
I know I’m never be the same
I always making mistakes
And I hate making mistakes
They always over criticizing me
I really hate to know
That they’re higher than me

I know that they throw me
And said that I’m not an important
Because only myself that
Know that I’m different
I hate being criticized
I hate making mistakes
But I really wanted to be
Accepted, but that will never
Will never be….


I loose my everything
Everything what makes
A trash accepted here
I’m nothing without
all my statuses
And now I have nothing
To make myself could be accepted

Without the rank,
I feel so useless
And now I try so hard
And realized that I’m useless now
I’m ashamed my life
because something that I don’t have
Now I go back to former
Back to the zero

I feel empty and alone
I feel really sad

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My life is so sad
When I realized that
I just have to let go
But I don’t want to let go
My hands seems too weak
To keep everything
I’m not the girl that
You think she’s a good girl

I’m a bad girl, sir
I hate if I can be
All that you want
But still I have to sacrifice

I have to let you go
Let everything to be gone
Just be myself alone
Alone, alone
I just want to life
Alone, alone
Because now they sure
That I’m not good enough

Hide Myself

I hate to meet others word
I just wanna stay on the safe side
So I can cover myself up easily
I really enjoy my own world
Where nobody can see my mistakes

I have to cover myself up
don’t want to show myself
Wherever, whatever
I hate because
This world is too crowded
This is competitive
I am tired
I hate this competition

Now I stay on my lonely word
Without perfection it’s okay
Because nobody will see me again
If I can’t be perfect
I choose to life alone
Nobody can’t see
Who I am

I know that
How scared life without any healthy foods
Some fear will life inside
But I must choose
Between life without people
Or life too crowded
And you must to life perfectly

I don’t need lots of money
Lots of luxurious isn’t my needned
So I can live alone
Tease cannot greet me again
Nobody will see me
Without any fear
Nobody can see me again

I can life only without any statuses
No one high, no one low
Just me…
I will not bothered by other’s opinion
Because I live alone

Maybe I will help and face others
If I perfect enough to face that
Why should I meet them
If no one I need
For me no reasons to meet the weird crowd

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melalui Entiéndeme — La Musa Que Araña


When we were going
To the higher class
And I was going to the grade eight
We went to a place
Where was so sad
We wore our class uniform
And I feel like
Everything is now just my dreams
Because the lights isn’t in me
There wasn’t a beautiful places
There was just places
Where want to make me feel down
Too beautiful places
Just for knew that
You’ll never come again

I will not walk, I will not run
I just want stay here
Be stronger without you
Without anything without you
I’m standing alone here
I should be stronger
Without anything about you
And no one cares about myself
Just be stronger and standing
Upright and see the blue sky
Be stronger without you

I cannot run easily
Because my feet was so weak
And waiting for all those days
That cannot come again
But I wanna run
Be strong without those lights
Because I born to be hurted

I walked slowly
I putted very happy mask and I denied myselft
I try to lied to myself
That you’re there
But I realized this is not a dream
Where you can sit beside me
This is just the life
Where everyone should denying
And that is what I do without you
Like you’re beside me
I’m denying myself right now That make me stronger
Just stronger

Be stronger without you
Is like I cut my arms
And the blood drops
On the white floor


Born by the same mother
They used to grow up with the same economic situation
But black and white will always seem the opposite
The same tress, different branch
They study at different university
Always fighted, never get close each other

Like a black cat and a white cat in the little street
One is really quiet but the other one is really hyperbolic
But they’re seem same introverted
Sometimes they like a chalk and a cheese
But sometimes like a peas in a pod

Many years passed
These trees grow up really fast
They live in the same city
Still in the same office
but different conditions
Never in the same road they walk
One is walking with his family, happily
Still keep a distance but friendlier
The other one is lying with her best friend
She always keep a distance farther and farther
I think that she wants to be a lawyer there

She’s cannot be tamed
She’s really an old fashioned man
Really perfectionist
Once you made a mistake or tell a lie
Crazy you, you will make her disappointed
She’s often being so rude
For herself, her life and so many people around her

He is the opposite if we compared them
Never grow up, but still tidy
But still there’s a lion on her mouth
Even though how often he tells a joke
No one will approach him

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