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Don’t waste the opportunity

Be grateful when you have time to be able to gather with family, because it is a blessing from the creator.
out there, there are people who want to be like that but are hindered by distance and time and there are even those whose families are no longer whole.

Fate can’t be changed

No matter how hard you hold it, if according to Allah it is not good for you, it will also be released from your grip.

smile — RS:REV||VER

smile — As surely as… “the Light of Dawn” Yes! ‘your dream is a possible one’ As the day anticipates, (it creates) Wait! As the grey cloud dissipates To everything! – As for the sequel: “Nada” Nothing will ever be equal Here’s your turn! twisted & turned (Finally!) “Rejoice the wait earned” © R|CARDO. ▸ […]

smile — RS:REV||VER


Keep me posted without asking, so I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling.

● Half. — Ricardo Sexton

I am one reason for the believe – A witness to struggle’s relief I am woken from an ill rest due Dawned …to the happiest anew I looked at ‘my eyes’ in the rays A mirror reflected. I am caught! It infected with longing my days It blamed me. – “It is your fault” Was […]

melalui ● Half. — Ricardo Sexton

los alimentos, carta de amor divino.. — Todo llega, todo pasa y todo cambia

“Quizá no tengáis tiempo para rezar y meditar, pero cada día os veis obligados a consagrar al menos una hora para alimentaros. Entonces, ¿por qué no aprovechar este tiempo de las comidas para libraros de las preocupaciones y de la agitación del ambiente? Éste es el momento de acordaros de que también tenéis un alma […]

melalui los alimentos, carta de amor divino.. — Todo llega, todo pasa y todo cambia

• Idiom. — Ricardo Sexton

To every idea you say the same thing And all you see, …is all you have seen Greeting (they) always the same way Kissing every face with the same kiss No commitment, but no satisfaction Claiming no deed, calling it: reaction Words of love …to your miss is banal Unflavoured kisses to you… ‘normal’ Beating […]

melalui • Idiom. — Ricardo Sexton

Nuestra Poesía — Messieral

Cuando caigan abajo los muros que han construido los años y el amuleto de nuestra fortuna tenga voz de mar entre sus lunas; se alce la verdad como bien necesario y caiga la mentira en nombre del abecedario, confiaremos plenamente en las esquirlas que lanzará al mundo toda nuestra poesía llenando corazones y almas contemporáneas […]

melalui Nuestra Poesía — Messieral

Writing or soul-shaking? — everlasting smile

melalui Writing or soul-shaking? — everlasting smile

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